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Education at VaRF

OOTW presents vignettes of living history activities that were performed every day by the towns folk of the Towne of Stafford. Come and try your hand at these skills.

Militia drill Bay in Armour Militia's cook The town's militia represents a military encampment show casing the activities performed by the militia. Daily militia activities include recruitment, drills, and training. The militia's meals are cooked over an open fire by the wife of a Militia man.

Master James using backstaff on the ship's deck Seaman in the Guild of Merchant Adventurers Naval cannon the ship's deck The Merchant Adventurers represents the various activities associated with members of the Guild Merchant Adventures. Although the Guild of Merchant Adventurers was originally composed of various merchants, the focus at VaRF is on the naval aspects of their activities.

Archer Boy with bow The Archery Through the Ages presentation provides the history of archery and its world wide application. Shooting demonstrations and arrow making show case the skills required to shoot a long bow or cross bow.

Girl working with leather at Poppets Pastymes Girl making paper at Poppets Pastymes Poppet's Pastymes represents the daily skills children would need to learn in order to become contributing members of the town. Opportunities are provided for children to try these activities.

Girl learning to weave Dying pots Woman's Work represents the daily skills woman and girls would need to learn in order to run a household. Opportunities are provided to try these activities.

Girl walking in maxeThe faire has two labyrinths that visitors may walk for the experience.

"We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On..."

Shakespeare, William. Tempest Act IV, Sc. I

Come and explore your dreams.
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