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Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality interactive educational entertainment ensuring all participants (patrons, cast and crew) not only have fun but also come away from each event with increased knowledge.


Out of the Woodwork Productions (OOTW) grew out an educational performance group called Out of the Woodwork Players (est. 1999). This troupe of Elizabethan re-enactors was formed by Cornelia Miller Rutherford, a former cast member of the Virginia Renaissance Faire (no longer in operation) who believed that there was a greater value to the vast historical knowledge acquired by fellow cast members in the creation of their character. She assembled a dozen of the best historical actors from that company and took their skills in a different, more purposeful direction. The goal was and remains to bring history to life and make the act of learning fun.

Militia drill Out of the Woodwork Players traveled to schools, scout troops and communities in Virginia in order to educate middle and high school students in English Renaissance history, arts, and society. Focusing on History as a combination of every aspect of life in society, the Woodwork Players guided students through customs and culture, art and music, the mundane aspects of everyday life (food, clothing, an honest days wage) and the interrelationship of church, military and sovereign. By keeping the subject matter interesting, creating individual characters and relating the past to their individual lives today, students experienced the magic of touching another time. The result has been a lasting appreciation for where we as a people have come from and how we got here. The added benefit is that once a child feels the magic of this educational entertainment process, they can continue to apply it to other periods of history. OOTW is a natural expansion of the Players.

The primary activity of Out of the Woodwork consists of presenting a series of events that will both educate and entertain audiences from throughout the Mid Atlantic. The primary event, The Virginia Renaissance Faire's Queen's Progress, brings Woodworks unique brand of entertainment to areas rarely served by such activities. This touring show - the only one of it's kind - has performed at communities across Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, however the company wants to build a permanent event site near the center of the state in which to hold more complex activities. We are currently working with local business, private donors, philanthropic foundations and governmental leaders to determine the most appropriate location and secure the necessary funding.

Other events in OOTW's 5-year plan

"We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On..."

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