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Out of the Woodwork (OOTW) Productions is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization with an historical focus that produces the Virginia Renaissance Faire annually.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our educational entertainment, what we fondly call edutainment. We have found that students who attend our seminars and performances retain what they've learned and pass it on to others. By telling the story in a live interactive fashion and guiding each student through the creation of a personal "character" in our focus time period, the student begins to think and experience life as a person from that time. Suddenly, history is "now" and real. Social Studies is your daily interactions with your neighbor, your employer, your Sovereign. This is the magic of Out of the Woodwork's educational mission. We believe that once a student feels the magic, it can ignite the flame of curiosity for other periods in history or even different present-day cultures.

OOTW offers:

Photographs appearing on the Out of the Woodwork website are used with permission and may not be copied for commercial use by others. Contact OOTW directly for specific photograph credits.

OOTW thanks the following:

Kevin Hedgecock, Norman Carey, Connor Dale, Bron Duncan, Pamela Howard, John Kinney, David Kline, C.K. Murray, Roanoke Times, Bill Rutherford, Vyxen (Lynda), Emily Whittacre, Phillip Richmond and the many cast and patrons who submitted their personal photographs for display.

The OOTW and Virginia Renaissance Faire would also like to thank Jason Lamey for the OOTW logo design.

"We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On..."

Shakespeare, William. Tempest Act IV, Sc. I

Come and explore your dreams.
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